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My TEDx Lincoln speech about The Power of BIG Experiences


AMEX OPEN Forum highlights creative uses of the iPad in retail.

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Watch Steven Johnson’s video for insights into how ideas are formed, collide, and mingle together.


“People know more about their iPhone than they do their own health,” points out Travis Bogard, Jawbone’s VP of product development. “So how do we make them consumers of their own wellness?” Today Jawbone is finally unwrapping their attempt to solve the problem: The UP, a $100 wristband, smartphone app, and web app trio that work together to monitor your exercise habits, sleep cycles, and eating decisions.

(via fastcompany)

Microsoft’s take on the digital future - via Fast Company

A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work - The power of user experiences in action.

When I was a consultant at Gartner living in Silicon Valley I had the opportunity to go to Steve’s introduction of the original iMac. Apple was dying and the invite wasn’t too hard to come by. I didn’t know it at the time, but I witnessed the rebirth of Apple firsthand and the power of design, technology and experience that would touch lives for generations to come. 

R.I.P. - Steve, you will be missed. The lives you’ve touched will live on. 

The Beginning of Infinity. Inspirational video from Jason Silva.

Augmented reality app links offline and online without QR codes - via Springwise

Fast Company takes a look at the The Mobile Future.

Working on a new app at Startup Weekend Omaha. Fun team and simple, fun game we’ve created to meet people and start a conversation.

Paper or Plastic? A Simple Game To Break The Ice. 

Check it out and download the Android App now.

TED Fellows Talk - James Patten on interactivity beyond the touchscreen.

This could be way cool - an iPad app that listens to the music you’re playing from the sheet music it’s displaying and turns it automatically. Read about Tonara at the TechCrunch article: Tonara’s iPad App Looks To Reinvent Sheet Music For The Digital Age.

I’ll have to have my friend Phil give it a go and let me know how it works.

New way to create a viral launching page.

Very cool stop-animation, flip book via curiosity counts.